Christina Sanchez and Cayetano Juarez – West Adams – 12/2/2013

Christina Sanchez and Cayetano Juarez have been working together on two major projects: “Break + Pausa” and  “TEQUIO AQUÍ, TEQUIO ALLÁ,” that are described in detail on their website.  We spent the majority of our visit together discussing their [more]

Nathan Danilowicz – West Adams – 12/2/2013

Nathan Danilowicz is a painter. He graduated from UCLA in 2007 with an MFA and a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2002. He is working on a new series of abstract paintings that are derived from his daily drawing practice and his [more]

Joe Wolek – West Adams – 11/22/2013

Joe Wolek splits his time between being a photographer and a location scout. He shared some recent photographs from a series called “Stratigraphy Vernacular.” These images contain a vastness in them whether it’s a large open sky, a desolate parking [more]

Rainen Knecht – West Adams – 11/22/2013

Rainen Knecht, along with Christopher Baird, moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles last year. She is a painter who has recently expanded her repertoire from watercolor to oil painting. She is fascinated by miniature worlds and much of her new work [more]

Christopher Baird – West Adams – 11/22/2013

Christopher Baird, along with Rainen Knecht, moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles last year. He is primarily a painter, but he also incorporates collage and assemblage into his work. He pulled together a nice introduction of his work starting with [more]

Eben Goff – West Adams – 11/20/2013

Eben Goff is finding ways to work with the landscape whether it’s the LA River or a super fund site in Butte Montana. He is interested in natural processes of accumulation, dissemination and decay. In the studio, he had two examples of his Flood [more]