Jerri Allyn – Baldwin Hills – 08/16/2013

I met with Jerri Allyn at her home studio in Village Green. Jerri is a feminist performance and installation artist as well as an educator. She was part of Otis’ Pacific Standard Time exhibition Doin’ it in Public: Feminism and Art at the Woman’s [more]

Kiki Sammarcelli – Culver City, Helms Bakery – 06/14/2013

Otis faculty member, Kiki Sammarcelli, loves Broadway theater and was even part of the Woman’s Building community back in the day.  Her paintings are rich in color and often include elaborate floral patterns.  Recently she began incorporating collage [more]

Ruth Weisberg – Culver City – 4/25/2013

Ruth Weisberg’s studio is not too far from one of my favorite places on Washington Blvd, Samosa House. Ruth is a longtime Los Angeles based painter and was very involved in the Woman’s Building.  She continues to have a significant impact in the [more]

Linda Jacobson – Venice – 10/22/2012

Linda Jacobson grew up in Los Angeles and attended Otis in 1967, she later attended Cal State Northridge and Art Center.  Jacobson was part of the women’s movement in the 1970s and was involved with the Woman’s Building.  In 1982, she moved into the [more]

Phranc – Santa Monica – 10/17/2012

Visiting Phranc’s studio was a treat.  Within every crevice of the place one can find a cardboard replication of everyday objects like a swimsuit, life preserver, candy, etc.  The nearly empty Phranc-O-Mat, which once held cardboard pocket knives and [more]