Randolph Holland – West Adams – 09/20/2013

Randy Holland’s West Adams studio is full of totem-like redwood structures that he carves, paints, and tans. Some of these spindly tall pieces of wood resemble knobby horse legs or bones. Sometimes he casts the sculptures in bronze and integrates [more]

Noel Korten – Baldwin Hills – 08/02/2013

Noel  Korten is an artist who works in painting, sculpture and installation and is also a  curator. He has completed public art projects with the City of Carlsbad and Amtrak.  He served as Director of Exhibitions at the Los Angeles Municipal Art [more]

John Okulick – Venice – 09/10/2012

John Okulick loves architecture, geometry and color, but above all else the illusion of reality.   Okulick’s three-dimensional wall pieces convey just that as they play with perspective and often distort the viewers’ understanding of the dimension in [more]

Pontus Willfors – 1019 West, Inglewood – 08/27/2012

Pontus Willfors’ studio, at 1019 West in Inglewood, is filled with large piles of wood and tree stumps.  Willfors is interested in the transformation of natural materials and works with organic shapes like rocks and trees rather than manmade [more]