Laurie Raskin – Santa Monica

Laurie Raskin, Bop On Down

Laurie Raskin received her BFA and MFA from California Institute of the Arts in the 70′s and 80′s where she specialized in graphics, printmaking and photography.  After school, she worked designing album covers, murals for stores, fabrics and graphics for various companies.  In 1984, she was one of the 12 artists chosen to design one of the official posters for the Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

She presently works in two Art studios.  One is in Santa Monica, where she does printmaking, and the other is in her home in the hills, where she can can work until all hours of the night.  She works primarily as a mixed media artist making mono prints on a press and adding paint and collage.  Two series she is currently working on are the LA Freeways and the other is women and aging.


  1. Cynthia Stone says:

    I hail from Chicago where public transportation is revered for it’s art form (darts between vintage buildings) and respected for it’s efficiency . I see the qualities in raskin’s work. The teaming freeways zig zag across the city with it’s own unique art form. Hooray for Raskin to capture this everyday occurrence so beautifully.

  2. Susan Walerstein says:

    Laurie Raskin mines the universe of collage with a bold humor and an
    inventive brush stroke. Her impressive skills offer a shared humanity
    and clear expression. Bravo, Laurie.

  3. Laurie Raskin’s work is paradoxically fun and profound! What a great talent in our midst!

  4. Richard says:

    Loved looking at Laurie Raskin’s freeway series. Perfectly captures both the complexity and the artistic beauty of our city’s landscape. As someone who confronts this reality every day, it is wonderful to find someone who can express what we struggle with in such a creative way.

  5. What a fresh and original artist Laurie Raskin is. Excited to see more of her work – both on aging and the LA freeways….(and don’t we age on the LA freeways!)

  6. Cynthia Raskin says:

    I have followed Laurie’s work for a long time. It’s always fresh and new and unpredictable . Her transportation series is one of my favorites. Whimsical & thought provoking…always excited to see how it evolves.

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