Edible Book Fest

In case you missed it, check out these pics of our Edible Book Fest   And the winner of the Edible Book Fest is: [more]

Artist Opportunity

The Kalamazoo Book Arts Center is sponsoring a $250 Book Arts Prize at the West Michigan Area Show at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art. Entry Deadline: Monday, March 16, 2015 at 8 am (postmarked March 12)Submit your entry online, or download and print [more]

Hurry Before It’s Gone!

This is the last week to view Binding Desires: Unfolding Artists Books exhibit which also includes the Otis Lab Press collaborative book "From There to Here." If you haven't visited the exhibit yet, check it out before it's gone. image via the Ben [more]

24 Hour Zine Thing Challenge

Are you a zinester? Do you like a challenge? Well, we've found a zine challenge just for you: create a zine from start to finish in 24 consecutive hours! That means 24 hours from the time you think of the concept until it's bound and ready to be [more]

An Otis Broadside Collaboration

We're happy to announce the latest Otis Broadside Collaboration with the show Bridging Homeboy Industries: Fabian Debora, Alex Kizu, and Juan Carlos Munoz Hernandez, curator Annie Buckley. The artists were at the Otis Labpress to discuss and do some [more]

Students of the Graduate Writing Program participated in a fun letterpress workshop in the Otis Lab Press. Chair Paul Vangelisti and faculty member Guy Bennett welcomed instructors Kathleen Burch and John McBride from the San Francisco Center for the [more]