Edible Book Fest

In case you missed it, check out these pics of our Edible Book Fest   And the winner of the Edible Book Fest is: [more]

Call for Submissions

Call for submissions: Artists' Book Cornucopia VII. Exhibit dates: September 16 - October 29, 2016. This annual juried show is open to any artists' bookworks other than SPOD (Self Published On Demand such as Lulu, Blurb and so forth). Books may [more]

Faculty getting busy in the Lab Press

Faculty members, Rebecca Chamlee and Kali Nikitas were busy printing posters in the Lab Press. They seemed to have fun and the posters look wonderful...despite a little spelling hiccup. :)   [more]

Another Awesome Big Ass Prints Steamroller Event!

Last week Otis hosted another AWESOME steamroller event. Everyone worked hard and had a great time. Check it out: Want to see more? There's more eye candy here. [more]

An Otis Broadside Collaboration

We're happy to announce the latest Otis Broadside Collaboration with the show Bridging Homeboy Industries: Fabian Debora, Alex Kizu, and Juan Carlos Munoz Hernandez, curator Annie Buckley. The artists were at the Otis Labpress to discuss and do some [more]

Dirty Laundry

Using wood type from the Lab Press collection, senior lab tech, Andy Hernandez designed Tee-shirts that advertised the Otis campus exhibit of Tee-shirts made by victims of violence. Andy and lab tech assistant, Jamie Russom silkscreened the 'Posters' [more]