Edible Book Fest

In case you missed it, check out these pics of our Edible Book Fest   And the winner of the Edible Book Fest is: [more]

And They’re Done!!!

Woot, woot! The MFA graduate students are done! It was fun having them in and out of the labpress throughout the summer. This week they finished perfect binding their class collaborative book, assigned by Belgium based visiting designer Randoald [more]

Dirty Laundry

Using wood type from the Lab Press collection, senior lab tech, Andy Hernandez designed Tee-shirts that advertised the Otis campus exhibit of Tee-shirts made by victims of violence. Andy and lab tech assistant, Jamie Russom silkscreened the 'Posters' [more]


GOT GAME? Check out The WILD CARDS by Rebecca Chamlee'sĀ Intro to Letterpress class A & B displayed on the gallery wall outside of the labpress. A functional deck of playing cards with whimsical, sometimes scary, always artful lino cuts. [more]

Prints from 1st annual Steamroller Printmaking Event

Check out the prints from our first steamroller printmaking event on display in the basement. [more]

Vandercook Print Bundle

The Vandercook prints have arrived! This summer, Mike Pargas designed and Jamie Russom printed a themed print to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Vandercook proof presses. See our post from September 16 for more on their process. In exchange for [more]