January LAS Newsletter

Hochberg Stein flyer

The earth has revolved around the sun one more time.  Here we are, 2017 and the start of a new Spring semester yet it was not that long ago the Fall, 2016 semester at Otis started with a bang.   As workmen, hammers in hand, labored to complete the new campus expansion, we welcomed the Walnut Avenuers, our Fashion faculty, new student housing, new food service, a new café, a new Forum and a new campus store.  And, at a time of new beginnings for the campus, we in Liberal Arts [more]

Otis Grads Reflect On The Value of LAS: Taryn Moller-Nicoll

I have the pleasure off receiving and posting comments from former Otis students who reflect on the benefits of their LAS classes, and how those classes have prepared them for careers in the world. Taryn Moller-Nicoll graduated from Otis with a BFA in 2012, and entered graduate school in 2014. Here are her comments. "I credit my Otis BFA with preparing me for a successful career in grad school at Louisiana State University, where I have made significant progress, have worked as a local curator [more]

Art History Pedagogy and Practice Journal is LIVE

After two years of surveys, grants, multiple conference calls, hundreds of email exchanges (without stinting on our day jobs at colleges, universities, and museums), the founding deans and contributing editors of Art History Pedagogy and Practice [more]

Silence is a Thing I See…Gershom (Dr. Rob Spruijt) at Lora Schleschinger Gallery

Gershom (or Dr. Rob Spruijt as we know him in Liberal Arts and Sciences) has an intriguing new show at Lora Schleschinger Gallery in Santa Monica aptly titled Silence is a Thing I See.  In forty-two exquisite panels, Gershom shows us the ordinary [more]

Ways of Knowing Student Exhibition tapped for Otis Time Capsule

Foundation students at Otis take a very unique second semester class called Ways of Knowing, which pairs two individual classes taught by faculty from different disciplinary fields that both investigate a common topic.  The goal: for students to [more]

Otis Students Attend “State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda”

When students look for courses with relevance to their lives, Perri Chasin's "Movies That Matter" is always a front runner.  Perri introduces students to films that engage with social, political, gender, race and ethnic issues. This year the "Movies [more]