LAS Faculty Marlena Donohue Reviews Stuart Davis

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Otis Alumni Reflect On LAS

My Otis student, Jose Zuniga graduated in Fine Arts in 2015. One day he said, "Donohue, my goal is Columbia." My response, "Buckle down and you can do it." This May, 2017,  Jose -- the only person in his family to go to college -- receives his MFA in Painting from the prestigious Columbia University.  Jose has also been hired to teach Drawing 101 at Columbia for the Summer 2017 to Spring 2018 semester.   His work is on view through May 21, 2017. As part of the  MFA Grad [more]

May LAS Newsletter

Congratulations to the Otis graduating class of 2017!   Soon they will sit in their commencement robes, half listen to words of wisdom by celebrated speakers and await their walk across a stage to receive their degrees, to be followed by [more]

January LAS Newsletter

Hochberg Stein flyer

The earth has revolved around the sun one more time.  Here we are, 2017 and the start of a new Spring semester yet it was not that long ago the Fall, 2016 semester at Otis started with a bang.   As workmen, hammers in hand, labored to [more]

Otis Grads Reflect On The Value of LAS: Taryn Moller-Nicoll

I have the pleasure off receiving and posting comments from former Otis students who reflect on the benefits of their LAS classes, and how those classes have prepared them for careers in the world. Taryn Moller-Nicoll graduated from Otis with a BFA [more]

Art History Pedagogy and Practice Journal is LIVE

After two years of surveys, grants, multiple conference calls, hundreds of email exchanges (without stinting on our day jobs at colleges, universities, and museums), the founding deans and contributing editors of Art History Pedagogy and Practice [more]