Collaborating with Gary Geraths…again.

The very first studio faculty instructor I met twenty years ago when I came to Otis was Gary Geraths.  He taught Life Drawing right down the hall from my  Art History classroom and welcomed me into his classroom, always had a ready joke, and made me [more]

Art History Teaching Resources…peers, pedagogy, progress

Several years ago I gave a paper on Art History, Technology, and Pedagogy at a CAA regional conference in North Carolina and had the pleasure of meeting two incredible women, Michelle Fisher (CUNY Graduate Center) and Karen Shelby (Baruch College) [more]

Summer at LAS

What's Happening at LAS in the Summer? Summer at LAS is definitely not a snooze. Besides the summer classes, this is the time when we are assessing student work, looking at results, and making changes to better the educational experience. It is [more]

Collaboration Partners: Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Library

Liberal Arts and Sciences has a long and successful history of collaboration with the library, especially regarding information literacy,  pedagogy, and electronic portfolios. This happens not only on campus in classes, in course reviews, guided [more]

LAS at the 2015 WASC/ARC Conference

Here we go a WASCing... Every April for the last several years,  Debra Ballard, Sue Maberry and I head to the annual WASC/ARC conference, a very informative event that focuses on academic resources and has the added advantage of being workshop [more]

We went “a conferencing” and this is what we learned…

Sometimes it is dangerous to go to conferences; there is no place to hide from the ideas, the issues and the changes that presenters share. In many ways, it is like going to a Las Vegas buffet.  There may be some things you don’t want to try, some [more]