Art History Unstuffed. Michel Foucault: This is Not a Pipe


Part Three of a Five Part Series on Michel Foucault, Michel Foucault: This is Not a Pipe was posted on January 17, 2014. This post discusses the relationship between words and things, Foucault’s mediation upon semiotics. This series can also be accessed through with Heathwood Press, an English journal of philosophy, where Dr. Willette is a contributing writer.

Always interested in language, Foucault explored the modern system of representation, and he again turned to art to explore alternatives to Structuralism and its reliance on representational systems. When he wrote This is not a Pipe, which was published in Les Cahiers du chemin in 1967, Foucault’s attack on Structuralism landed in the middle of an ongoing debate in the French press on literary theory.

Dr. Jeanne S. M. Willette

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