Mario Cutajar’s artist books now available on


Mario Cutajar’s artist books, published between 2011 and 2013, are now available on

A palimpsest of two unrelated texts, through brings together a four-line quotation from Brecht’s 1926 poem “Of Poor B.B.” (articulated letter-by-letter over 183 pages) and a sequence of images generated by keywords lifted from a dream journal and plugged into Google’s image search. It can be found here:

Herd follows Walter Benjamin’s injunction that photographs be accompanied by captions that dislocate them from “modish” use to the letter—by completely fusing words and images into hybrids that disrupt both easy reading and cursory viewing. It can be located at this link:

Dispersion enacts the “sprinkling” that is Brecht’s metaphor for egalitarian distribution in the nine-line poem “Of Sprinkling in the Garden” as a dispersal of the text of the poem itself. It can be found here:

Civil War is a re-articulation of Bertolt Brecht’s 1943 poem, “The Active Discontented,” in which each of the 22 lines of the poem is incorporated into a montage of images drawn from conflicting spheres of capitalist spectacle. Find it at this link: