Silence is a Thing I See…Gershom (Dr. Rob Spruijt) at Lora Schleschinger Gallery

Gershom (or Dr. Rob Spruijt as we know him in Liberal Arts and Sciences) has an intriguing new show at Lora Schleschinger Gallery in Santa Monica aptly titled Silence is a Thing I See.  In forty-two exquisite panels, Gershom shows us the ordinary raised to a level of contemplation and mystery.  From a single tulip to grapes spilling out of a glazed earthenware vase to my favorite, Stack of Two Delftware Pots, Gershom’s paintings draw the viewer into a personal exchange with fruit, flowers, and other ordinary objects–the kinds of things that we might easily pass over in our everyday lives, except now they offer a seductiveness that beckons us to stop. Small in scale and deceptive in their simplicity, these paintings mesh the skill, mystery, and psychological impact of seventeenth-century Dutch still-lifes (the artist was born and raised in the Netherlands) with a contemporary aesthetic that encourages the pleasure of looking.  Silence is a rare commodity today and these elegant and captivating paintings offer that most cherished of experiences–a chance to remember how important and valuable it is to look and be rewarded with beauty.

Lora Schlesinger Gallery, 2525 Michigan Avenue, #B5b, Santa Monica, CA.

Exhibition open through June 4.

Stack of Two Delftware Pots