Continuing Discussion with Debra and Keith

O.K. Debra, Keith and I gave it a shot, but by the front door at 11:00 A. M. is not the best place to discuss learning so I’m moving our discussion to our new baby blog. Keith—I think what you were positing was that a certain type of student cannot respond to a given learning situation because each student needs time to mature intellectually. I’m not so sure that was your point due to having to speak over incoming students and the T.V., but if that’s the question, my response would be that it’s simply a lack of prerequisite skills, not a matter of brain maturation, and that students simply need to learn some things before they learn others. Debra thought that your point was about the length of time students need to respond to questions and it would be interesting to hear more about that issue since culturally we value the speed of a fast comeback. Often we infer that if students are not quick they are not able to grasp the complexities of the problems. Anyway the combination of those two possible questions made me think about the IL sequence and since we are all involved in the development of IL, maybe we can get a discussion going about best practices. If you think of IL as having both cognitive and technological skill sets (that’s a bit sloppy, but you know what I mean) we are having to spend much of our time developing strategies to teach the cognitive sets, because working in teams requires a very different set of skills for students than working individually. And, of course, we want these skills to transfer to junior level courses where appropriate. The initial discussion also led me to think about the types of questions we could ask the Juniors to help them recall learned material from Foundation and to enhance transference. My thinking was tangential, but thanks for bringing up these issues which may help in developing the ILs . Since we are in our second year of this course, and Keith is teaching a Junior Beta IL, and Debra will be offering the Senior IL in two years, we should dialogue. Maybe we can get Patty Kovic who teaches both Foundation and Junior ILs to chime in. Also Marcie.