5 Teaching Tips to Infuse Technology into Lessons

By Kelly Kilpatrick
Teaching is a challenging job for sure, one that requires dedication, commitment, and planning. Managing your time and planning lessons can be difficult indeed. However, infusing a bit of technology into your lessons from time to time can mean the difference between having students engaged in the lesson and drifting away due to boredom. Try some of the following tips to get your students involved in the learning process.

Start Blogging
Students are very internet-savvy in this day and age, so they will respond very well to this idea. Start a blog that contains details about the day’s class, discussions, and areas for students to post comments. Provide links to outside resources, notes, presentations, and anything else of interest related to your course. Doing this will help to create a bond between you and your students that will keep them involved and motivated.

Virtual Field Trips
Online, there are many resources for virtual field trips, whether you decide to have students embark on the journeys at a computer alone, or you set up a multimedia projector and take the whole class along for the ride. There are so many places and events you can take your students to without ever having to leave the classroom. Talk with your school librarian about opportunities for virtual field trips provided by educational companies as well.

Online Scavenger Hunts
This particular project will take some time for you to create, but sit back and enjoy as you watch your students seek out and find information on the web in a variety of places. This can be done using vocabulary lists, famous authors, or whatever you like. The sky’s really the limit when it comes to online scavenger hunts, so look for new and interesting things for your students to discover and send them to navigate the information superhighway in search of the answers.

Educational Games
The internet is full of sites that have educational games for a wide variety of subjects and content areas. This activity is used to enrich, not replace, the educational experiences of the students. Use games to reinforce information or build on basic skills. Students love the opportunity to “play,”� so why not let them learn and build skills in the process?

Computer-Based Projects
Give students opportunities to come up with projects utilizing their computer skills. Power Point presentations and slideshows are fun and interesting ways to present information and images without too much difficulty. Students at higher levels of skill may wish to create a webpage or blog for their favorite literary character or author; songs or musical projects can be created easily with programs like garage band.

This post was contributed by Kelly Kilpatrick, who writes on the subject of New Mexico Teaching Certificate. She invites your feedback at kellykilpatrick24 at gmail dot com.