What’s New with E-Portfolios

There have been lots of little changes made to the e-portfolios recently.  Here is a summary of the big and little ones.


Did you notice? I have begun posting news about O-Space in this blog.

New Features

In the spring, DIGIcation has pushed many new features into the e-portfolios. My favorites:

Rich Text Module Improvements:

  • Spellcheck – Finally, you can check your spelling while you write! Just click on the standard ABC icon on the toolbar. For now, the only language supported is English.
  • Paste from Word – Have you ever written some beautiful text in Microsoft Word only to have it display very, very oddly in your e-portfolio? Fear no more. Instead of directly pasting content from Word, click on the icon “Paste from Word.” It will strip out extraneous code; your words will display as intended.
  • Tables – You can now create tables. Tables! I’ve already fixed some badly spaced content on this page.

Images/Videos/Audio Module:

  • MP3 files – The Images/Videos module changed its name because it now supports audio files. You no longer have to create a Flash or QuickTime video to add your awesome music to an e-portfolio.
  • Vimeo videos – You can now embed videos from Vimeo.

Get Social:

  • Twitter – You can now add a Twitter feed to a page.
  • Social Bookmarking – Want to make is easier for your visitors to share/remember your site via del.icio.us, Diigo*, Facebook, and more? Add a bar for these and other social services to any page in your e-portfolio.


Summer 2009: I am moving the help section for e-portfolios from the TECH Wiki to the Meta-Portfolio . I had already been using it to demonstrate examples of the pages and modules. I often added hints and help when text was needed, so why not expand it?

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