Adding Student Blogs to Class Blog

Teaching a class? Requiring your students to create their own blogs? Still waiting for the URLs for those blogs?

Well, have we got a solution for you – use the Add link sidebar widget. People can add a link to your blogroll straight from your sidebar (as long as they know the password.) Here’s how:

1. Go to your blog’s Dashboard and click on Appearance — > Widgets.

2. Find Add Link from the list of Available Widgets. Click on the word Add next to it.

Add Link - Available Widget

3. Add Link will now appearĀ  in the list of Current Widgets on the right.

Add Link - Current Widget

4. Move the widget where you want it to appear in your sidebar. Click the Edit button to customize it.

Alignment – Controls how the boxes will appear in the sidebar. It will not affect the heading of the widget in the sidebar.

Title – The heading that will appear in the sidebar

Message – Optional message that will appear in the widget

Use Password – YES. By requiring a separate password to add links, it will cut down on spam.
Password: Choose a password. Give it only to your students. Do not use any of your regular passwords, e.g. PIN, email and blog passwords.

Button Text – Text that will appear on the button in the widget

Click on the Done button to save the changes to the widget.

Add Link - Edit Widget

5. Click on the Save Changes button to save the changes to the sidebar.

6. Tell your students to use the box to add the URLs for their blogs. Don’t forget to give them the password.

Add Link - In Sidebar

7. If you set up link categories, you may need to edit the newly added links. On your Dashboard, go to Links –> Link Categories. Select the one(s) that need to be assigned to a category, e.g. “Student Blogs.”

Voila! I hope that you find this widget useful.