Twitter Tools isn’t working so well with the new Blogs. Grrr. Here are two other options for adding a twitter feed to your sidebar:

RSS widget in sidebar

Add a RSS widget

Copy the URL into the box for RSS feed, e.g.

That’s all

TEXT widget in sidebar

Log into Twitter. Go to

For a list of your most recent tweets, choose “Profile Widget.” (You can also make widgets to do show feeds of your starred tweets, searches, and who you follow.)

Customize to your heart’s content. Then click “Finish and Grab Code.”

Select all of the code and copy it. It will look something like this:

<script src=""></script>
new TWTR.Widget({
 version: 2,
 type: 'profile',
 rpp: 4,
 interval: 6000,
 width: 250,
 height: 300,
 theme: {
 shell: {
 background: '#333333',
 color: '#ffffff'
 tweets: {
 background: '#000000',
 color: '#ffffff',
 links: '#4aed05'
 features: {
 scrollbar: false,
 loop: false,
 live: false,
 hashtags: true,
 timestamp: true,
 avatars: false,
 behavior: 'all'

Go to your blog. Add a Text widget to your sidebar. Give it a title.

Paste the code into the HTML box.

Save. Voila!

Internet Explorer Users: If you get security warnings, change the first line of the code to use HTTPS:

<script src=""></script>

You can paste that same code into a post or page while in HTML mode:



  1. Heather Cleary says:

    When I moved the widgets around 1 week later, widget #2 with the script code stopped working.