New Videos: Strange Bedfellows

Happy New Year!

This year I promise to write more updates about newly available videos and OtisDID images. Usually I wait until the items are barcoded, processed, cataloged, and made available for check-out, but I cannot resist today’s serendipity.

I received a box of new DVDs today that was filled with strangely paired videos:

Twilight: Eclipse and The Kids Are All Right – Two movies about teens in non-traditional families.

Beauty and the Beast (Disney) and Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work – Both films star spunky heroines, one of whom is animated and the other, well, has a face that is not.

Twilight Saga: Eclipse poster Kids Are All Right poster

Beauty and the Beast (Disney) poster Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work poster

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In related news, the Otis Library has received its first Blu-Ray disc: Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang. Disney has begun releasing some films in packages that contain both DVDs and Blu-Rays with no option to purchase them separately. Don’t get too excited – like PAL items, I’ll only purchase Blu-Ray if it is absolutely not available in another format.