Students: How to Find Your Otis Email Address

Attention students! Since you log into Webmail using your Xnumber, you may not know your actual Otis email address. You need this email address for signing up for an Otis Blogosphere account as well as other services.

Basic Syntax

In general, your email address will be:
First Initial + Last NameĀ  @

Note that the email address ends in, not students.otis edu nor If that email address already exists in the system, a “distinguishing number” will be added.

Here are some sample student email addresses:

  • Jane Otis (class of 2010) has
  • Jeremy Otis (class of 2013) has
  • Janice Otis (class of 2013) has
  • Jane Otis (class of 2014) has

How to Find Your Email Address

There are several ways to find our your Otis email address.

Send yourself an email via Webmail

Type in your name in the To: box. Then click the “Check Names” icon. If there is only one match, your name will appear underlined above the box. Mouse over to read the real email address.

If there are multiple matches, your name will appear in red above the box.

Click on the name – it will return a list of names and email addresses for all of the matches.

Send an email from Webmail to an outside account (e.g. Gmail or AOL.)

If the email address does not automatically display in whatever other email program you use, show the message header details to see the full address.

Find it in O-Space

Your Otis email address appears in many places in O-Space, but this is the easiest method. In the top right corner, click on your name.

You will be taken the to Edit User Profile page. Your Otis email will appear twice on that page. Bonus: This is also where you can change your O-Space profile picture.