MediaViewer for the OtisDID

There is a new way to view OtisDID slideshows on the web (and on Mac OS Lion) – use the MediaViewer.

OtisDID: MediaViewer in actino

Why use the MediaViewer instead of the web-based Slideshow Viewer?

  • Mimics the desktop-based ImageViewer software
  • Works on Mac OS Lion
  • Web site’s header and design are not shown
  • Slideshows can be easily viewed full screen
  • Autoplay a lecture – advance the images by a set time interval

It appears as an option under My MDID > My Slideshows. It also replaces the Slideshow Viewer link in Resources > Slideshows.

OtisDID MediaViewer: My SlideshowsOtisDID MediaViewer: Slideshows

We are working on implementing the desktop version of the software, which can also handle other file formats like videos.

You can use most of the same keyboard shortcuts to control your lecture.

Attention Mac Users in Smart Classrooms: In August 2012, the ImageViewer will no longer be available on the desktop. The software is incompatible with Mac OS Lion. Instead, use the web-based MediaViewer to show your lectures. The Macs were not upgraded to Mac OS Lion, so the ImageViewer still works on these machines. [UPDATED]

Attention PC Users in Smart Classrooms: You can use the ImageViewer or the web-based MediaViewer to show your lectures.