Media Viewer in the Classroom

There is a new way to view OtisDID slideshows on the web (and in the Smart Classrooms) – use the MediaViewer.

OtisDID: MediaViewer in actino

Why use the MediaViewer instead of the web-based Slideshow Viewer?

  • Mimics the desktop-based ImageViewer software
  • Works on Mac OS Lion and Mountain Lion
  • Web site’s header and design are not shown
  • Slideshows can be easily viewed full screen
  • Autoplay a lecture – advance the images by a set time interval

It appears as an option under My MDID > My Slideshows. It also replaces the Slideshow Viewer link in Resources > Slideshows.

OtisDID MediaViewer: My SlideshowsOtisDID MediaViewer: Slideshows

You can use most of the same keyboard shortcuts to control your lecture.

Attention Mac Users in Smart Classrooms: In August 2013, the ImageViewer will no longer be available on the desktop. The software is incompatible with Mac OS Lion. Instead, use the web-based MediaViewer to show your lectures.

Attention PC Users in Smart Classrooms: You can use the ImageViewer or the web-based MediaViewer to show your lectures.

Note: this is an altered version of an earlier post.