O-Space Smart DIY #3 – Buzz Words

Hello Otis Faculty!

Here are some quick tips on O-Space instructions to students for enhanced clarity!

 #1 CMS

CMS = Course Management System > refers to the “My Courses” area in O-Space. You can also use the term “O-Space Course.”

Example: Go to the O-Space Course (CMS).

#2 Post

Try the term “post” when you want students to reply to content in the “My Courses” area or CMS. The tab is called = Posts.

Examples: Post your homework in our O-Space Course. Go to Posts in our O-Space Course and reply to “Title of Assignment.”

#3 Upload

We suggest using the term “upload” when you want students to add content to their Learning ePortfolios. This helps further reinforce it is a separate area from the CMS.

Example: Upload your Signature Assignment to your ePortfolio. Upload your homework to your Learning ePortfolio.

#4 Avoid Referring to Just O-Space

Try to avoid instructions like “add to O-Space” or “post in O-Space” or “turn into O-Space” or “upload to O-Space” on its own. Remember O-Space has two parts: the CMS and the ePortfolio. It can help mitigate some confusion if you let student’s know specifically where in O-Space you want the work to go.