O-Space Smart DIY #4 – Accidental Submissions

Hello Otis Faculty!

It’s that time of the semester when many students use the “submissions” feature in O-Space to turn-in online work! Mistakes happen and some students may approach you having accidentally submitted the wrong coursework.

Not to worry! You can fix this!

It all starts with the “Submission” Tab in your O-Space Course Area.

Submission Tab

Submission Tab

Select the student’s linked name on the chart.

Select the linked “Step 1: …” under the appropriate assignment title.


In the “Evidence Added” area select delete in red.

Delete Button

Delete Button


Don’t forget to complete the process and select “Save and Unsubmit”

Save + Unsubmit

Save + Unsubmit


More Information + Support Available Online:



Remember: Students can NOT submit coursework unless you have first created a Submission Assignment.

The first step in any Submission Assignment should be “Evidence.”


Thank you!