The Great Library Giveaway, Movies Edition

sampling of videos from 2008

As discussed in an earlier post, the Library is paring down its collections in preparation for the move to our new space in 2016. We are now weeding VHS tapes and DVDs, beginning with the Feature Films, Literature and Television sections.

Weeding Criteria:

  • Videos that have not circulated in 3 years or more
  • Videos that have not been put on reserve for a course in 3 years or more
  • Videos no longer relevant to the current needs of the Otis Community
  • Second copies (but not always)
  • At least 2 people evaluate each item

Like de-cluttering, weeding can be a challenging and overwhelming endeavor. I try to emulate Elsa and let it go.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Heather Cleary.

Image: Sampling of videos in the Otis Library from 2008. The items pictured above are not necessarily candidates for weeding.