Highlights from the Otis Archives

Curated by Saida Largaespada, Getty Intern

Four Otis catalogues (1926, 1958, 1988, 1992) and scattered reproductions of photographs from a 1927 class trip to Mount Baldy.

During my internship at the Otis Library Archives, I have been able to travel through history by holding and examining the historical artifacts located within the library. Special Collections holds the vast majority of course catalogues by Otis from 1918 to present day. Using this material, I compiled a list of Otis’ constantly expanding and world-renowned faculty. Yet, the process of sifting through the physical catalogues, themselves, was the most fascinating step.

Not only does the Otis Archives hold official school material, it also provides documentation of the student life. I was given the opportunity to catalog photographs from the 1920s. I sifted through the delicate black and white images, fascinated by the tight-knit family dynamics between students and faculty. While Otis has transformed into a much larger institution, its cordial spirit remains.