Work in Progress: A Look at Brooklyn 7 and Otis Design Group.

On exhibit in the Millard Sheets Library, curated by Darren Duterte.

Duterte was alerted to the existence of Otis Design Group (ODG) while researching material for his senior capstone. He writes, “Brooklyn 7 was a class started by former ComArts chair Sheila de Bretteville, who wanted to instill a commitment to thoughtful design, community service, and social issues. … [When de Bretteville left,  Ave Pildas] took over the group and launched a re-branding that [had] the class uniquely linked to the college: Otis Design Group (ODG).”

Duterte studied documents in the Otis archives as part of his project and also interviewed Ave Pildas and Otis faculty members Rebecca Chamlee and Jennifer Egger about their experiences with the two design groups. Video of the interviews is included in Duterte’s online exhibition:

Be sure to visit the exhibition in the library before the exhibition closes at the end of February.