Holding a Video or DVD for a Class

The VRC supports faculty by providing videos to be shown in class. We will try to purchase on DVD any item requested for a class; many films, however, are out of print or have not yet been published on a Region 1 or region-free DVD.

Videos on hold for an instructor are kept for about 1 week on the Video Hold Shelf at the Circulation Desk. They will be available for the instructor to check out for one class period; students may view the items only within the Library. If you need an item to be on for a longer period, please contact the Visual Resources Librarian.

Send a screening list to the Visual Resources Librarian by Week 1. Include your name and class title and list the item(s) needed for each week. Include the title, year, and artist/filmmaker of each item.

  • If you have not finalized your syllabus but know which films you want to show, please send that list to the Visual Resources Librarian at least 2 weeks before the term begins.
  • Do not assume that you are the only person interested in a video! Other instructors may have requested the same item. If there is a conflict, we will contact you.

If you do not submit a screening list, we cannot guarantee that the items you need to show in class will be available.

Allow about 2 months new items to be purchased and processed. A percentage of the Library’s budget is set aside specifically for faculty requests. The Librarian will contact you about any items that will not be available when requested.

During the semester, you may still request items to be held/on reserve for your class. If the item is already in the Library’s collection, please submit your requests at least 2 days before the date needed for class, but we cannot guarantee that the video will be available.

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