Video Circulation Policies and Procedures

Video Sections

Cataloged DVDs and VHS videos are shelved in the Video Stacks section of the Library. All materials are available whenever the Library is open. Faculty, staff and full-time students may check out materials. The videos are arranged into the following sections:

  • AA – Art and Artists
  • AD – Advertising, including Clio Award compilations
  • AN – Animation, including films, television shows, and collections
  • D – Documentary
  • DG – Items on deposit from Harry Mott (circulation limited to Digital Media students and faculty)
  • F – Feature films, including TV movies
  • I – Instructional Videos
  • L – Literature
  • M – Music videos and concerts
  • O – Otis events, lectures, and fashion shows
  • T – Television shows and miniseries
  • V – Video Art

See also: Video Resources at Otis.

Some items in the library catalog may be marked as being in the VRC because they are:

  • dirty and need to be cleaned
  • broken or unplayable and need to be replaced
  • recent acquisitions that need to be processed and cataloged
  • items about to go onto reserve
  • special circumstances

These items may not be immediately available for check out. If you would like to borrow one of these items, please ask the VRC staff.

Circulation Policies – Updated Fall 2012:
Videos are counted as part of the 10 total library checkouts to any patron at any one time.

  • Reserve videos – 2 hours; use only within Library
  • Undergraduate Students – 1 week, 0 renewals
  • Graduate Students – 1 week, 1 renewal
  • Faculty – 1 week, 1 renewal, no overdue fines
  • Staff – 1 week, 0 renewal, no overdue fines

Circulation Procedures:
Do not carry videos through the security gate. All videos must be checked out to a patron before leaving the Library. Take the videos to the Circulation Desk. The Library staff will check them out to you and then slide you the videos via the top shelf next to the entrance the Library.

Videos must be returned during business hours. Do not put them into the After House book bin. Return all materials in the box, including discs and inserts. Rewind the VHS tapes. To return a video, slide it in the bottom shelf on the immediate left of the Library doors. If you are carrying a video, but do not yet want to return it, slide it on the top shelf and inform the Circulation Staff. Do not scratch or harm the Library materials.

Overdue fines:
Videos: $0.50 per day, no grace period.
Reserve videos: $5.00 per day, no grace period.

Lost materials:
Videos: Replacement cost of video + $20 processing fee.

Holds and Reserves:
Faculty may request that certain videos be on hold or reserve during the semester. If the video will be show in class, please give the Visual Resources Library a screening list before the first week of the semester. In general, the items will be available the Friday before the date of the class until the Monday after. If you need to show the video an extra week, please contact the Visual Resources Librarian. Other faculty may check out the item for the duration of a single class period only if they are screening it; otherwise, all patrons must wait until the item is taken off reserve.

Reserve videos are checked out for 2 hours each. Students may view the item in the Library; they may not take it out of the Library. Headphones are available from the Circulation Desk.

More information on requesting videos for a class

Requesting Videos:
Please refer to this policy.

Updated 25 September 2012.