And The Otis iProject Is Underway . . .

The Teaching Learning Center is pleased to announce that we have officially launched our first faculty iProject. A cohort of 13 studio faculty and 6 LAS faculty received an iPad for the spring 2014 semester to explore its functionality and [more]

Apps for The Classroom

Over a billion apps! Where do I start? If you are interested in exploring the world of educational apps, below are some great resources to get you started. 1. EDUCAUSE resources related to tablets and iPads in the classroom 2. iPad [more]

How to Download Ebrary Books to an iPad

Good news: We can now download entire books from Ebrary to mobile devices! Bad news: It ain't easy. Wayne Bivens-Tatum has created an illustrated guide to the 18-step process. 18 steps! Basically you have to create accounts on Ebrary and Adobe [more]