Grammarly@EDU: How to Switch from Free to Premium

Writing Support by Grammarly@EDU is a grammar check tool is available to all students and faculty. Use your school email to register at When you log into Grammarly@EDU, there will be a Premium flag by the logo. If [more]

O-Space Smart DIY #4 – Accidental Submissions

Hello Otis Faculty! It’s that time of the semester when many students use the “submissions” feature in O-Space to turn-in online work! Mistakes happen and some students may approach you having accidentally submitted the wrong coursework. Not to [more]

O-Space Smart DIY #2 – Clean-Up the e-Portfolio Clutter

Have you started collecting tons of ePortfolios? When you select “Show All,” do you scroll down the webpage for what seems like forever? If so, I have a tip for you! Clear out those ePortfolios you are no longer using through [more]

O-Space Smart DIY #1

Hello Otis Faculty! Below are some smart DIY tips for sharing your ePortfolio with students . . . 1 Add ePortfolio to O-Space Course In your O-Space Course area, you can add an ePortfolio. Go into the course and go to the ePortfolio tab. Select [more]

Apps for The Classroom

Over a billion apps! Where do I start? If you are interested in exploring the world of educational apps, below are some great resources to get you started. 1. EDUCAUSE resources related to tablets and iPads in the classroom 2. iPad [more]

Media Viewer in the Classroom

There is a new way to view OtisDID slideshows on the web (and in the Smart Classrooms) - use the MediaViewer. Why use the MediaViewer instead of the web-based Slideshow Viewer? Mimics the desktop-based ImageViewer software Works on Mac [more]