Controlling Email Notifications for Comments on e-Portfolios

There is a new feature in O-Space - you can now control whether or not to receive an email whenever someone posts a new comment on your e-Portfolio. [more]

MediaViewer for the OtisDID

There is a new way to view OtisDID slideshows on the web (and on Mac OS Lion) - use the MediaViewer. [more]

Using Comments in a Capstone e-Portfolio

The original Spring 2012 Capstone e-Portfolio template was partially broken -- comments were only enabled on a couple of pages. Unfortunately, we did not find out about the problem until most of the e-portfolios were created. If you want to enable [more]

How To Add Links to a Post

To add a link to a web page, type in some text. Then highlight the text. The Insert/Edit Link icon will go live (it looks like a chain link and appears next to the Justify Right icon.) A pop-up window will appear - pastes in the URL. Finally, click [more]

O-Space Feature: CSS Themes for E-Portfolios

This is the second in an occasional series of posts about the new features and tweaks added to O-Space in Summer and Fall 2011. Over the years, students and faculty have felt constrained by the basic layout of the e-portfolio. The only changes that [more]

Printing Web Pages

I am always on the lookout for easy ways to print web pages. Print What You Like - Free, ad-based service Choose which items you want to print from a web page. This is especially helpful when trying to print comments on blog posts as well as on [more]