5 Teaching Tips to Infuse Technology into Lessons

By Kelly Kilpatrick Teaching is a challenging job for sure, one that requires dedication, commitment, and planning. Managing your time and planning lessons can be difficult indeed. However, infusing a bit of technology into your lessons from time to [more]

The Long Search

by David Bremer, Associate Professor, Liberal Arts and Sciences I recently participated in the annual conference on Liberal Arts and the Education of Artists at the School of Visual Arts. This year the topic was Art Education, Religion, and the [more]

Three Assessing Days in the O.C.

by Debra Ballard, Chair of Liberal Arts and Sciences Spending three days in Irvine with 140 other academics at a WASC workshop on assessment is not usually my idea of fun. The titles of the workshops did nothing to lead me to believe otherwise—“New [more]

Some reflections on the Role of Critical Theory in Arts Schools’ Liberal Arts Programs

by Adam Berg, Faculty L.A.S. I would like to offer some thoughts following my presentation of “Equivocating Aura: On Benjamin’s Essay on Mechanical Reproduction”, at the International Conference of Critical Theory, “Nostalgia for the Future”, at [more]

A Professor’s Perspective on Virtual Worlds

by Heather Joseph-Witham, Ph.D. During the fall of 2006, I received a generous Fletcher Jones grant through the Otis College of Art and Design TLC (teaching and learning center) in order to take the time to delve into academic concepts regarding [more]

Technology Matters (Or does it? [Of course it does!])

In a recent WASC-related conversation I was having with Sue Maberry, I apparently slipped into a trance-like state and began waxing all technological, commenting on the various ways the computer, the Internet, the smart classrooms, etc., have changed [more]