Otis College Internet Outage on Memorial Day

On Monday, May 27, 2013, there will be an Internet outage for Otis College. It has been scheduled for the Memorial Day holiday to minimize the impact. The downtime is scheduled for 8am-5pm PDT. The actual outage may not last the entire time. (what [more]

Controlling Email Notifications for Comments on e-Portfolios

There is a new feature in O-Space - you can now control whether or not to receive an email whenever someone posts a new comment on your e-Portfolio. [more]

O-Space Feature: Course e-Portfolios

In Summer and Fall 2011, lots of new features and tweaks were added to O-Space. This it the first post in a series introducing some of the changes. Let's start with the best new feature - course e-portfolios. You can now share e-portfolios with [more]

What’s New with E-Portfolios

There have been lots of little changes made to the e-portfolios recently.  Here is a summary of the big and little ones. Announcements Did you notice? I have begun posting news about O-Space in this blog. New Features In the spring, DIGIcation has [more]