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Mapa Teatro, based in Bogota, is a laboratory of  artists dedicated to transdisciplinary creation. Founded in París in 1984 by Heidi, Elizabeth, Rolf Abderhalden: Colombian artists, performers and stage directors of Swiss origin. Since its inception, Mapa Teatro draws its own maps in the field of modern arts, in a space conducive to the transgression of borders—geographic, linguistic, artistic—for the confrontation of local and global issues and for the staging of media and devices. It has generated a space of migrations where they constantly displace myth, history and the present; language (theater, opera, radio works, installations, video, sound, urban interventions and plastic acciones); authors and periods (Esquilio, Müller, Shakespeare, Sarah Kane, Antonio Rodríguez, Händl Klaus); geography and languages (La Noche/Nuit en francés y español); word, image, and movement (Psicosis 4:48, Simplemente complicado); art, memory, and the city (Proyecto Promoteo, La Limpieza de los Establos de Augías, Testigo de las Ruinas, Cartografías movedizas); simulation and reality (Exxtrañas amazonas, Trans/posiciones); poetics and politics (Los Santos Inocentes, Discurso de un hombre decente).

Hence their interest in the translation of contemporary dramatic writings and stage writing; the transposition of classic texts to unique textures, as well as the translation of social and political issues to artistic devices.

In recent years, Mapa has emphasized the production of artistic events between micro-polítics and poetics: through the construction of ethno-fiction and the ephemeral creation of experimental communities, Mapa Teatro generates processes of artistic experimentation that take place in different areas and stages of Colombian reality: a laboratory of the social imagination.

Field reports:

Experimental Communities: Mapa Teatro (Bogota, 2001-2005)