Interview with Bill Kelley, Jr.

Date of Interview: Aug 14, 2015
Location: Quito, Ecuador
Topic: Interview with Bill Kelley, Jr.
Interviewer: Rodrigo Ortega [1] on behalf of FLACSO Radio [2] 

In the tenth chapter of “Un cadáver exquisito” Rodrigo Ortega met with art curator, writer and educator Bill Kelley, Jr. In an extended conversation in a café in the Ecuadorian capital, Bill found a couple of hours in his tight schedule of meetings to speak with him about the exchanges that have brought him again to the city of Quito to debate with Ecuadorian cultural promoters and visual artists as part of the research project that he currently undertakes for the Getty Foundation in Los Angeles, CA.

This project, which operates under the initiative Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, aims to link producers, cultural promoters and visual artists who work with communities in the axis of Los Angeles/Latin America. However, apart from this initiative that will culminate in an exhibition in 2017, they also address the problems concerning this relatively new field of artistic production in and with communities in the region. They look at the conditions in Ecuador that have made possible a productive dynamic of this type, which is updated with dialogues about community, art, and education. They also discuss the educational influences of Kelley and of his present work process developed in collaboration with mentors Grant Kester and Suzanne Lacy.

[1] Rodrigo Ortega Chavarría is studying towards a Master of Arts in Visual Anthropology at the Facultad Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO) Ecuador. He is a visual artist from Chile with a long trajectory as a teacher in the areas of history and art theory.

[2] Originally published as part of the series “Un cadáver exquisito” at